Good Shepherd is a faith community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, Delaware-Maryland Synod. For nearly 60 years we have represented a Word and Sacrament presence at the corner of Taney Ave. and 7th Street in Frederick, Maryland. We focus on reaching out to a challenging world with our gifts of time, talent and treasure. We are a welcoming place for those seeking an experience of God’s presence both in Word and Meal and one in one another. We value learning from the Scriptures and opportunity for fellowship with one another.

9:00 am* – Traditional Service
10:00 am – Education & Fellowship
11:00 am* – Contemporary Service with Crossview Band

*Nursery/child care is available

1415 West Seventh Street
Frederick, MD 21702-4136
Phone: 301-663-3344
Fax: 301-663-3353

Free Parking available in lot behind the church. Please use the 7th Street Entrance

 Please join us for

Holy Hilarity Sunday

on April 23rd…

 It’s coming!!! What is it??
Also known as “Laughter Sunday,” the Sunday after Easter has long been celebrated with funny stories, practical jokes, and general frivolity. The rationale being that God played the biggest joke on the devil when he resurrected Jesus from the dead.

But why wait until the 23rd? Start preparing for the big day TODAY. Practice smiling a lot, get jokes and stories ready to tell, begin rejoicing in God, try a few good belly laughs, and/or prepare a few practical jokes.

We hope you will join us for this service, which promises to be full of fun and laughter.

9:00 am – Traditional Service

11:00 am – Contemporary Service

And…feel free to invite someone who likes to laugh.  OR Invite someone who needs to laugh.

All are welcome!

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Vacation Bible School

VBS Registration is now OPEN!!!

Good Shepherd is proud to present:

July 10, 2017 – July 14, 2017

9:00am – 12:00pm

Register online at:



Download a Form:

VBS Registration Form 2017

VBS Youth Volunteer Form FINAL 2017

VBS Adult Volunteer Form 2017

Completed forms can be placed in the envelope on the education bulletin board in the gathering area , emailed to Deb Kopit at four_ks@comcast.net or mailed it to:

Attention: VBS
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church
1415 W. 7th Street
Frederick, MD  21702




Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church is a faith community of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) Church.  

Whether you are passing through our city or looking for a church home,   we are delighted to have you worship with our family in faith at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.


9:00 a.m.* – Traditional Service

10:00 a.m. – Education & Fellowship
11:00 a.m.* – Contemporary Service with Crossview Band

*Nursery/child care is available

1415 West Seventh Street
Frederick, MD 21702-4136
Phone: 301-663-3344
Fax: 301-663-3353

Free Parking available in lot behind the church. Please use the 7th Street Entrance


Our Mission:

  • To invite all people to know the unconditional love of Christ
  • To share Christ’s love through words and deeds
  • To empower people to serve Christ in the world

Pastor’s Page

Pastor MarkPastor Mark Huffman is the pastor of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church since August 2013.

Pastor Mark grew up in Bethesda.  He received his undergraduate degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and a Masters of Divinity Degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Columbus Ohio.  He also holds a Clinical Pastoral Education Residency Certificate from St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee WI, and a Master of Sacred Theology Degree from Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  He was ordained into the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in 1988.

He held positions as camp director, youth director and hospital chaplain  before beginning his parish ministry at St. Martin Lutheran Church in Annapolis.  He was senior pastor at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Lutherville, MD for twenty years. Currently, he is on the Board of Directors of Mar-Lu-Ridge camp and Chairman of the Delaware-Maryland Synod’s Hunger Task Force.

He is the father of three daughters-Jodi, Brynn and Robyn.

Pastor Mark has several areas of expertise, experience and interest of special note:

1. preaching and worship leadership
2. pastoral care and visitation
3. teaching
4. youth and family ministry
5. social ministry

The hallmark of his ministry is sharing the good news of God’s grace for us in Jesus.  His experience includes development of youth programs including VBS, Sunday School, confirmation and youth groups.  He sees the importance of hospital, shut-in, grief ministry, pastoral care, and prospective member and inactive member visitation.  He leads an adult Bible study as well as periodic multi-session courses on various topics.  Pastor Mark is experienced in both traditional and contemporary worship.  He believes in the mission and ministry value and potential of pre-school programs and serving as the administrative head and in regular interaction with the children.  He has involved youth and adult members in many social ministry activities.  He has established strong stewardship and evangelism programs.

You may contact Pastor Mark at his email address:  pastormark@goodshepherdmd.org



Are You Joking Jesus? Sunday after Easter 2017

Jesus Are You Joking? John 20:19-31, Easter 2, Year A, Good Shepherd The Rev. Mark A. G. Huffman, 2017   Holy Hilarity Sunday             God’s great practical joke on the devil             In Jesus suffering and death the devil thought he had won             In the resurrection God turns the tables on the devil             …

You Are the Disciple Jesus Loved, Easter 2017, John 20:1-18

The Disciple Jesus Loved Easter 2017, John 20:1-18, Good Shepherd The Rev. Mark A. G. Huffman               The author of John’s gospel could have written a less complicated story. “Mary Magdalene, Peter and the other disciple, the one whom Jesus loved went to the tomb. The tomb was empty and they saw the linen …

John 3:17, Year A, Lent 2, John 3:1-17, The Rev. Mark A. G. Huffman, 2017

For God so loved the world…. Luther – The gospel in miniature And yet…..it’s actually been turned into something quite different – a ”believe in Jesus or else”  sort of thing. It’s been changed from a promise of God’s love to a condemnation of unbelief.  Not so much emphasizing Jesus as the “Way” to find …