Ministry Teams are volunteers who share their varied gifts so that congregational life may be continually enriched in its serving– e.g. worship, evangelism, education, youth, social ministry, mutual ministry, etc. Good Shepherd is blessed with people who contribute untold hours to make sure that the congregations services the community and the world with definitive expressions of the Good News of the Gospel – that God loves the whole world (John 3:16). Ministry Teams are never closed, but open to all who seek to serve the Great Commission that Christ forged in his life. All ministry teams are ‘out-reaching’ and ‘in-reaching’ in their postures.

Christian Education

Sunday School and Adult classes available.


The Communications team works with various forms of communication (website, newsletters, printed material, etc.) to spread the news of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church.


A program with goals to reach out to new families, with “New Member” classes, and offer family-friendly events to encourage fellowship and outreach.

Celebrating Generosity

As we begin this fall, we’ll take the opportunity to understand God’s mission at Good Shepherd, and celebrate how we invite, share and empower people to see Christ’s love in this world. This reflects our mission, which is printed on the front of each Sunday Times:


Counting of funds and oversight of church financial matters.

Mutual Ministry

Equipping and supporting believers to discover their spiritual gifts so they can carry the gospel into the world.

Parish Life


Social Ministry

The Social Ministry team supports local nonprofit organizations that provide food, shelter, health care and services in the community. We also help our members through our benevolence fund, and support international organizations such as Lutheran World Relief and Compassion International.

Music Ministry

The music ministry allows members of the congregation to use their musical talents to serve the Lord. Our musical programs include the choirs, Crossview contemporary band, Cantors, Instrumental Ensemble, and other special musical opportunities.

NeighborTalk Bible Study

We have neighborhood talks in different areas of Frederick City and Frederick County.

Youth Ministry

The youth of Good Shepherd are active both in activities and in services to the community.