Church Council

Views from the Virtual Back Pew

I hope this missive finds everyone safe, healthy, hunkered down 6 feet apart and washing your hands. I keep seeing signs, tweets, etc. that say “this too shall pass”. Hopefully, it is quickly and without lasting upheaval to anyone’s lives or loved ones. I am thankful for the gestures of togetherness and kindness I am seeing nationally and here within our GSLC community as well. Many thanks to those that are working hard and creatively to keep us together digitally, telephonically and via snail mail. I would quote the “We are Family” lyrics, but I have PTSD from the Orioles choking away the ’79 series to the Pirates and that was their theme song. So instead, I will quote the sage philosophers Woody and Buzz and say “You’ve Got a Friend”.

If anyone is in need, please reach out to the main church number, 301-663-3344 or Pastor Dave’s email, [email protected] and the Good Shepherd family will do all we can to assist. If you are not computer equipped to get Pastor Dave’s emails or the e-Sunday Times, please leave a message on the church voice mail so we can try to snail mail those to you so we can keep you posted in a more real time setting. If you are IT challenged but have a computer, please reach out and we will try to pair you with an IT buddy to walk you through the process to get you online to receive all that we have to offer. As you are financially able, please remember to snail mail your offering or click here to use the online giving on the church’s website to maintain your regular giving pattern to assist us with our fixed costs that don’t go away during this time of crisis. Though it seems very valuable based on the short supply, we are not taking toilet paper as barter (yet).

Until we meet again in some form or another, in God (and Fauci) we trust!!
Danny – Council President