Celebration of our Mission Planned for This Fall

Sunday, September 16

Some of the volunteers who helped at our annual yard sale.  It was a very blessed day as we raised $4,000!

We’ll kick off this fall’s celebration with the presentation of checks from the proceeds of the yard sale of $2,000 each to Nathaniel Rentzell and his mom, Katharyn, and to the Religious Coalition’s Emergency Family Shelter. 

We’ll invite everyone who participated in the sale in any way, and all those who volunteer at the Emergency Family Shelter, to stand and be recognized.

Sunday, September 30

On this Sunday our highlight will be how we invite all people to know the unconditional love of Christ.  Members are invited to share how they felt welcomed at Good Shepherd.

Sunday, October 14

Sharing Christ’s Love through words and deeds will be highlighted on October 14. Several youth leaders will talk about their involvement in the Lutheran Youth Organization and other activities, such as attending the ELCA Youth Gathering in Houston this past summer, have helped them to share Christ’s love in words and deeds. 

We’ll also ask members of the congregation ask people to write out postit notes of how they see Good Shepherd sharing God’s love.

Sunday, October 28

This Sunday we’ll explore the many ways we empower people to serve Christ in the world through our social ministry and outreach activities.

Sunday, November 4 will be Commitment Sunday

Karen Johnson Kretschmann, a member of our congregation and the Associate for Generosity with the Delaware-Maryland Synod, ELCA, will preach about Good Shepherd’s mission and how we invite, share and empower people to see Christ’s love in this world.


We will follow up with hand-written thank you notes to those who pledged to express our joy that they have chosen to support Good Shepherd’s mission.

The Celebrating Generosity Ministry:  Karen, Diane DeMarco, Jan Marcus, Ron Disque, Pastor Ed.  If you would like to participate in this ministry, or have ideas to share, please email [email protected]