Scavenger Hunt Day 9 – Love

The finale of the Luther 500 Festival, was a performance of Luther the Rock Opera.  What a fun and creative summary of Martin Luther’s life.  After the show, some of us headed for home.  Others stayed to further explore Germany.  Before we parted ways, we chose our last Fruit of the Spirit – love.  We have enjoyed this scavenger hunt and hope you have too.  If you’ve missed any of the previous fruits, feel free to go back and add to them.  We love to hear what you find.

Scavenger Hunt Day 8 – Self Control

Our last full day in Wittenberg, we challenged ourselves to a high ropes course.  It was a lot of fun and we enjoyed the fellowship and team building the experience offered us all.  We ate lunch with some youth from Oakland and even learned to felt.  And.. because it was Day 8 of our Fruits of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt. We looked around town for the spirit of self control.  

We have all enjoyed reading your comments about where you see the fruits of the spirit in the world.  You may add your findings on our Facebook page at any time.

Scavenger Hunt Day 7 – Faithfulness

Today we visited the towns of Eisenoch and Erfurt.  Eisenoch is the home of the Wartburg Castle where Frederick the Wise protected Martin Luther after Pope Leo X excommunicated him.  It was also where he translated the New Testament.  In Erfurt we saw St. Mary’s Cathedral where he was ordained and visited the Augustinian Monastery where he served as a monk and presided over his first mass.  It was a great place to make us think about the Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness.   We’ve be doing this Scavenger Hunt for 7 days and it’s been a lot of fun.  We hope you will visit our Facebook page and share your fundings. If you find a different Fruit of the Spirit and would like to share it, feel feel to go back to that fruit’s post and share.  We love to hear from you.


Scavenger Hunt Day 6 – Gentleness

We spent the day in Wittenberg.  It started with a tour of the Luther House – where we saw his actual Bible (complete with his notes and underlines.)  Afterwards we toured the town on bikes.  Of course we searched for today’s Fruit of the Spirit – Gentleness.

You can participate in our Fruits of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt too.  Just check out our Facebook page and share your findings as a comment to that day’s post!!

Scavenger Hunt Day 5 – Peace

  • We visited Berlin today.  There we saw the usual tourist stops: Brandenburg Gate, Checkpoint Charlie, the Memorial to Murdered Jews, of course the Berlin Wall, but we were also able to have prayer time in St. Mary’s Church.  The Martin Luther statue below is just outside the church.  While we were exploring, we also searched for our Fruits of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt  fruit of the day – Peace.  We have enjoyed all of your posts sharing where you see the fruits in your life.  Don’t be shy.  If you missed a day you can come by on another.  So…to play along, just click on our Facebook page and share in the information.

Scavenger Hunt Day 4 – Joy

Tuesday was a nice day – no travel.  We instead were able to really get to explore Wittenberg a bit.  We learned about Lucas Cranach (and his snake with bat wings,) toured the town of Wittenberg, and searched for joy in our Fruits of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt.  We invite you to check out our Facebook Page and play along with us as we search for all the fruits of the spirit. 

Scavenger Hunt Day 3 – Kindness

Monday was the third day of our Fruits of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt and we searched for Kindness.  It was another day of travel – about 4 hours by bus from Rothenburg to Wittenberg, but Wittenberg will be home for the  Festival.  So now we can unpack our bags and only hop on a bus for day trips.  We had a great time exploring Martin Luther’s town.  Check out Facebook to see where we found kindness and share your experiences with us too!!

Scavenger Hunt Day 2 – Patience

Yesterday the fruit of the spirit we searched for was patience.  As is often the case in travel – things didn’t go perfectly smoothly.  There was a lot of traffic on the way to the Philadelphia airport.  Our flight was delayed and when we finally pushed back and thought we were on our way, the weather had caused problems and we learned it would be a while (13 planes ahead of us) until we took off.  We landed in Frankfurt 2 hours late to wait even longer because the tram was not available to pick us up.  Our group – youth and adults alike – showed great patience and smiled through the difficulties and enjoyed beautiful Rothenburg.  We are all just very grateful to have this opportunity to be together and celebrate the Reformation.  

You can join in on the fun and post your findings of the fruits of the spirit on our Facebook page.

Scavenger Hunt Day 1 – Generosity

Our youth began their journey to the Luther 500 Festival in Wittenberg, Germany yesterday. Each day we will share our experience through a Fruits of the Spirit Scavenger Hunt. Even with the travel, traffic and delays, we were able to find examples of generosity.  We will post our findings on our Facebook page and we invite you to look for generosity in your day and comment with your findings on our Facebook page.  

Generosity –  Our high school youth will learn about the Reformation where it happened.  They will pray in the church where Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses.  This is only possible because of the generosity of our congregation and everyone who supported our fundraisers.

It’s almost here… The Luther 500 Festival 

Tomorrow 20 youth and adults will begin their journey to Germany to commemorate the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation.  Please pray for their travels to be safe and their faith inspired.  We will post each day and we welcome you join us in our Fruits of the Spirit scavenger hunt.  So check in daily to see which fruit we searched for.  Feel free to post your Scavenger hunt findings on our website or Facebook Page.