Bible Study

Sunday School Hour (10:00 AM) opportunities for adults throughout the summer; all are welcome!
Adult I – Bible Study: the Holy Spirit and how it comes to us especially in times of crises in our lives.
Adult II – Discussion Group: personal sharing about daily issues involving faith.
*Greeters are happy to show you the way. 

NeighborTalk Bible Study

Good Shepherd invites folks interested in ‘conversation and community’ around matters of faith and the Bible. We have created 5 NeighborTalk groups around the Frederick area, all in peoples’ homes and at various times monthly. NeighborTalk was inspired by a program in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America called ‘Book of Faith Initiative’ – a three year church-wide emphasis inviting people in a study of God’s Word on a regular basis. To inquire about a NeighborTalk group in your area, contact us at [email protected]

Join Us at one of five NeighborTalk groups:

1. NeighborTalk North near Thurmont.
2. NeighborTalk Northwest of Frederick.
3. NeighborTalk NorthEast of Frederick.
4. NeighborTalk East of Frederick.
5. NeighborTalk South near Adamstown.







For more information, contact the church office at 301-663-3344 or email [email protected]