1973 Fire

In November of 1973 there was a fire at Good Shepherd. Below is an article donated to the archive project by Kris (thanks!).  Out of curiosity I did a little research about “The News” because I hadn’t heard of that paper. It turns out that before The Frederick News-Post there were two newspapers in Frederick. One was called The News, founded in 1883, and the other was called The Frederick Post, founded in 1910. The publisher of The News acquired The Frederick Post in 1916; they published The News in the morning, and The Frederick Post in the evenings. Starting in 2002 the two were combined into The Frederick News-Post, or FNP, as one daily publication. Few news articles from The News or The Frederick Post from the 70’s are digitized, but we do have a record of the church council minutes from that time!

Last Update 10/8/2021

Transcript of article “A Time for Help”

  This community of beautiful and historic churches – home of “The Clustered Spires” – was stunned by the heavy damages sustained by one of the newer church buildings early Saturday morning – the Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church on West Seventh Street.
   Preliminary and unofficial estimated place the loss in the fire at $75,000, with most of the damage by fire, water and smoke in that part of the modern structure other than the sanctuary.
   Despite the sanctuary’s escaping damage from the fire, it was, nevertheless, hit heavily with smoke and the grime and smell of fire.
   True to the cause of this fine church which has – in addition to its religious purposes – served as a veritable community center, its congregation turned out for Communion services on Sunday morning.
   The fire which damaged the educational part of the building, forcing cancellation of its Nursery School program, and temporary cessation of Sunday School, hit the church at the time of the 15the anniversary of its dedication on Nov. 29, 1958.
   The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church originally cost an estimated quarter – million dollars, and according to first reports Saturday, the fire caused considerable damage to the structural members of the educational wind. Based on today’s construction and material prices, restoration of he church will be substantial.
   Fire and insurance officials are still examining the damage, and an official estimate do the damage has not been made.
   The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, an imposing structure built with a rising spire in keeping with the architecture of other Frederick Churches, has since it’s opening been under the spiritual relationship of the Rev. Carroll L Boyer.
   Once again the active, dedicated flock of the Good Shepherd Church will be called on to give that extra measure of devotion so important in its formative days dating back to Feb. 14, 1954, when it started with 194 confirmed members.
   More than insurance will be needed to cover the loss, and the Frederick community, as individuals and groups, may well feel it in their hearts at this time of diversity to come to the aid of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church with a generous contribution – an unsolicited gift in appreciation of 15 years of outstanding service to the people of this community.
   Fifteen years seems such a short time when we thing, for example, of the nearly 240 years of the Evangelical Lutheran Church downtown and some of our other great local churches, but these 15 years have seen this new church and new congregation serve the people without regard to affiliation or belief when it came to the use of its facilities.
   The dedicatory words which opened the church officially 15 years ago seem so appropriate at this time. The speaker, Dr. J. Frank Fife, the president of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Maryland, said in part:
   “Beauty in a church lies in the field of attitudes and relationships… It takes more than efficiency and activity to make a church beautiful.”