Archives Project

In August 2021 Good Shepherd hired a new office admin who happens to have a keen interest in not only maintaining a tidy office, but in preserving and celebrating history! In cleaning and organizing the staff house some amazing pieces of Good Shepherd history came to light. As the items are collected and sorted, they will be preserved or digitized as needed to keep these artifacts safe. To share some of the many finds, this page will be updated occasionally with images and descriptions of the finds.

Last Update 10/8/2021

In November of 1973 there was a fire at Good Shepherd. Below is an article donated to the archive project by Kris (thanks!).¬† Out of curiosity I did a little research about “The News” because I hadn’t heard of that paper. It turns out that before The Frederick News-Post there were two newspapers in Frederick. One was called The News, founded in 1883, and the other was called The Frederick Post, founded in 1910. The publisher of The News acquired The Frederick Post in 1916; they published The News in the morning, and The Frederick Post in the evenings. Starting in 2002 the two were combined into The Frederick News-Post, or FNP, as one daily publication. If interested, read more here!