Scavenger Hunt Day 7 – Faithfulness

Today we visited the towns of Eisenoch and Erfurt.  Eisenoch is the home of the Wartburg Castle where Frederick the Wise protected Martin Luther after Pope Leo X excommunicated him.  It was also where he translated the New Testament.  In Erfurt we saw St. Mary’s Cathedral where he was ordained and visited the Augustinian Monastery where he served as a monk and presided over his first mass.  It was a great place to make us think about the Fruit of the Spirit – Faithfulness.   We’ve be doing this Scavenger Hunt for 7 days and it’s been a lot of fun.  We hope you will visit our Facebook page and share your fundings. If you find a different Fruit of the Spirit and would like to share it, feel feel to go back to that fruit’s post and share.  We love to hear from you.


3 Replies to “Scavenger Hunt Day 7 – Faithfulness”

  1. Today’s group photo reminds me of this verse, Lamentations 3:23…”They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Our Good Shepherd group has shown faithfulness in being a part of the Luther 500 Reformation Celebration in Germany and in sharing each day with your church family back at home! Thank you all!

  2. Faithfulness has been exemplified by my mom. She is a ROCK! She always reminds me to remain faithful, and I know she prays for the Holy Spirit to stir me up when I waver. Thank you, God, for my mom.

  3. Sometimes ‘faithfulness’ is showing up daily and doing something beyond satisfying our own needs. God may not give us easy solutions to life’s problems, but God give us opportunity through our hearts and minds to make a difference in life. I believe God has been faithful to me, even when I’m not responsive to helping others.

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